This is a small testimonial for the redesign and creation of our marketing plan. Created by Digital Online.Media also known as DO.M. We started working with to create a new website experience for our visitors. We at Harta Gold care about all our pets and wanted to look for an agency that cares as much about their clients. After some back and forth communication we knew that Digital Online Media would’ve been a good fit. The owner of the Agency is Arnjen and started to create an action plan to make Harta Gold’s reach go further and beyond the momentarily reach. Our company was looking to expand but didn’t really knew how to go forward in this area. Digital Online.Media made it clear for us how we could achieve this target and go beyond the obstacles we were facing.

Marketing plan creation

When we reached out to Digital Online.Media we were first served with the question: “Do you already have a Marketing pan?” Where we needed to respond with “No.” after knowing this Digital Online.Media started with creating one for us. After a few days we had a clear plan with potential outcomes created for us. We wanted to achieve a wider presence as we are momentarily only locally known because of our show wins. At the moment of publication we have implemented the plan. We starting to get more countrywide exposure, getting sporadic international requests as well. We would recommend Digital Online.Media to everybody who is looking for a new agency to manage their marketing.

DO.M a.k.a. Digital Online.Media

The agency DO.M is based in Malta and has 2 other headquarters based in Belgium and in The Netherlands. As we were having loads of meetings we didn’t feel the need to use a local agency. Having a distant agency has it’s positive and negative factors. One of the positive factors using Digital Online.Media was the fact that they were available for a quick catch-up whenever we felt the need for it. It didn’t matter what the time was, Arnjen was always reachable and ready to answer our questions.

Digital Online.Media