Puppies are full of energy, and they would love to play with you all the time. It is very important to train your puppy, and the puppy needs to know what you expect from him. One of the best ways to teach dogs is the correction and reward method. Never involve any harsh physical punishments for correcting your dog. You can say a firm “no”, and your dog will understand. You can use a tasty treat as the reward, and your dog will feel appreciated for what it does.

Five Basic Commands to Teach your Puppy

The following are some of the basic commands to teach your puppy:

Training a dog to come:

Choose a quiet environment so that your dog will have its full attention on what you are saying. One of the first things you need to do is to move into a squat position and then you keep your arms open wide and say “come”. If your dog obeys, use verbal appreciation to encourage your pet. Do not reach and grab your pet as it approaches you as it will confuse them. You can gently offer a tap on the head and offer a verbal praise.

Teaching a god to heel:

Some people may prefer to use “Forward” or “Let’s go” but what every work you are using, try to make sure that you use the same command throughout otherwise they will get confused. First, you need to hold the leash in the left hand and have your dog’s favourite toy in your right hand. Once you get the attention of your dog with the toy, slowly start to move and say the command “heel” as you start to move. If the dog loses its attention on the toy, try to shake it a bit to gets its attention back.

Teaching a dog to sit:

You can use a treat to teach your dog the sitting command. Choose a quiet spot where there are no distractions and hold your dog’s favorite treat right next to its nose and slowly move upwards. When your hand moves up your dog’s head will raise and thus making its bottom to lower. Once it reaches the sitting position you need to say “sit” and give the dog the treat and praise your dog. Do this repeatedly to make the dog understand the command.

Teaching a dog to stay:

While teaching your dog the “stay” command, you also need to teach them the release command. You first need to hold the leash of the dog and move a step backwards and say stay. Then move further backwards and keep saying stay. Now slowly release the strap and again move back and keep telling the command. If your dog obeys, you can appreciate it by giving it a treat.

Teaching your dog to lie down:

To make your dog lie down, you need to kneel down and place your left hand on the dog’s back and the right hand in front of its legs. Now gently start to press down and say “lie down”.  As your dog gets familiar with this procedure, it will obey your command.