Genetic Certifications

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They certify Hips, Elbows, Patellas,Thyroid, and Cardiac. you can search the online database to see if dogs are listed – it is usually updated every month or so.



MeMe: STA-879G24F-T (Good)

Taffy: STA-489F28F-T (Fair)

Ricky: PBT-211F46M-PI (Fair-done as APBT)

Nico: STA-1232G28F-PI (Good)

Maybelline: STA-1245G29F-PI (Good)

Dallas: STA-663G24M-T (Good)

Indy: STA-455E27M-T (Excellent)

Gateway: STA-1039G24M-PI (Good)



MeMe: STA-CA30/21F/C-T (Normal )

Taffy: STA-CA29/72F/C-T (Normal)

Dallas: STA-CA61/67M/C-PI (Normal )

Indy: STA-CA94/103M/S PI (Normal)

Gateway:STA-CA90/30M/P-PI (Normal)

Maybelline: STA-CA232/38F/C-PI-ECHO (Normal)

Junior:STA-CA194/24M/C-PI-ECHO (Normal)

Doodle: STA-CA398/41F/C-PI-ECHO (Normal )

Presley: STA-CA402/16M/C-PI-ECHO (Normal )



MeMe: STA-PA8/23/F/P-T (Normal)

Maybelline: STA-PA10/14/F/P-PI (Normal)

Taffy: STA-PA7/75/F/P-T (Normal)

Doodle: STA-PA17/14/F/P-PI (Normal)

Gateway: STA-PA14/30/M/P-PI (Normal)


MeMe: STA-EL81F24-T (Normal)

Maybelline: STA-EL140F29-PI (Normal)

Gateway: STA-EL100M24-PI (Normal)



MeMe: STA-TH41/58/F/PI (Normal)

Gateway: STA-TH15/24M-PI (Normal).


PennHip is the University of Pennsylvania’s Hip Improvement Program. It is a different type of evaluation from OFA, so some breeders prefer one method over the other. I have just started doing PennHip evaluations, but plan to do both OFA and PennHip on all my future dogs, as I feel this method has a lot of potential for improvement of hips in the breed. Click on link above for more info about how it is done and what the scores mean.

Median Score at this time for AST’s is .59, so it is preferable to breed dogs with scores lower than this. Median score changes as more dogs are evaluated (it is an average of all dogs in that breed done).


CERF is the Canine Eye Registry Foundation. They certify that the eyes are free of any inherited abnormalities. This certification is only good for ONE year, and must be redone yearly. (I do yearly up until age 5, then every other year, as most hereditary eye problems show up by age 5).
Certifications can be checked online at CERF’s website.


Unfortunately at this time, you do not receive a DNA number from UKC, although all dogs done thru this program are listed in Bloodlines when they are profiled. Make sure to get a copy of the DNA profile of the parents if they are advertised as such.

AKC also has a DNA program which is done through the same lab as UKC’s. UKC will accept profiles done by AKC, but not vice versa- so I suggest getting the profile done through AKC first, then sending the results to UKC for an additional fee, to get the UKC DNA designation. My older dogs were done through UKC before AKC had their program, therefore they are only UKC DNA-profiled.