Available Rescues


For the dogs marked Animal Protectors – this is a no-kill shelter north of Pittsburgh PA. They have many other pit bulls & mixes that are not listed here. Contact people are Kathy Karrs home phone (evenings) is 724-339-1473 (fax # the same) or Kathy Marino. They have an $80.00 adoption fee, and require home checks and criminal background check before adoption.


For SLURPPlacements, email me at SLURP
For all other dogs, that are not SLURP placements, contact the person listed with their description. I do not have any further information on these dogs except what is listed.

If you are a rescuer in the Pittsburgh Area that would like me to post a dog for placement, please email me descriptions, contact names/email addresses, and photos. Dogs will be kept up for one month- if the dog is still available, you MUST contact me and let me know, otherwise it will be removed after that time.


For those wanting to place their own pets, please realize that it often takes months (or longer) to find a suitable home for any pit bull. If you are not willing to keep your dog long enough to find a proper home, please, Let’s Be Honest about what will likely happen if he ends up in a shelter. There are simply too many pit bulls being abandoned for rescue groups to save. If you decide to get a dog, it should be for LIFE, not until it becomes inconvenient to own.


For those looking to adopt: Thank you for considering a rescue dog! Please check back often for new dogs needing homes!




 Dog name: ENZO

Age: 2 yrs DOB 5-11-02

Sex: Neutered Male

Color: Black (seal) & white

 Enzo is very sweet, but needs some obedience training. He is crate trained, housebroken, and up to date on all vaccinations. He would do best as an only dog, but has lived peacefully with 2 cats. He is WONDERFUL with children (lives with 3 kids). Owner is giving him up because she does not have time to properly train him with 3 small kids in the house, kids keep leaving doors open and he gets loose, etc. He loves to play ball. His ears are NOT cropped, they stand STRAIGHT up!


Dog name: Olivia

Age: 2 yrs

Sex: Spayed female

Color: Brindle & white

Olivia is very sweet, LOVES to ride in the car. She is crate trained, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on Interceptor. She could possibly go in a home with one other dog, but NO CATS! Would be best with older children as she plays rough.